Jorge Martin Gutierrez is Associate Professor in the Department of Projects and Technics in Engineering and Architecture at the Universidad de La Laguna. Following a B.Sc. from Universidad de Extremadura, he received him M.SC from Universidad de Extremadura and his Ph.D. (in 2010) from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, under the supervisión of Manuel Contero. His thesis work on «Study and technological support to improve spatial skills in engineering students» received special mention as Cum-Laude from the Doctoral Thesis Tribunal and a publication of this work was Awarded as the Most Downloaded paper Award 2010 by Elsevier. His research interests span the development of applications based on virtual technologies to improve teaching and learning processes at all levels of education, both formal and non-formal education. In 2013 he received an Educational innovation award from Universidad de La Laguna. He is a professor at Universidad de La Laguna since 2002, where he teaches Graphic Engineering and Technical Office/Project on Mechanical Engineering Degree and Master Industrial. He was a visiting professor at the University of Toronto in 2016-17 (6 months), at Tecnologico de Monterrey (4 months), the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (1 months), Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (2 times – 6 months), Universidad de Jaén (2 times – 5months). Dr. Martin was guest editor for Procedia Computer Science and EURASIA Journal of Mathematics Science and Technology Education. Currently is Director of atRAe research group, and a member of the ASEE, ASME and UXPA. For 4 years (2011-2015), he was Director of Virtual Teaching at University of La Laguna, and responsible for Virtual Teaching Unit (UDV) and Audiovisuals and Multimedia Service (ULLmedia).

Prof. Martín-Gutierrez research is in the field of Engineering Education and virtual reality technologies. He has published in the area of augmented reality applied to the learning process and more recently on learning outcomes for skill development and valid assessment methods for measuring learning outcomes. His research examines the learning environment as a designed system and takes an engineering design approach to reimagining the learning experience.

Currently, he is reimagining the undergraduate academic experience across the faculty of engineering and Technology and touches into pedagogical innovation programs, educational technology, and work-integrated learning.

Prof. Martín-Gutierrez has taught courses in Technical Office, Engineering Projects, engineering graphics and Research and innovative processes.
He is teaching an introductory engineering design course which he has created in ULL following the experience acquired at the University of Toronto through Engineering Strategies and Practices course.




Reconocimientos y Premios
2013 Premio Innovación Educativa. Universidad de la Laguna.
2011 Award Best Paper. 2011 International Conference Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education. Latvia.
2011 Award of Excellence in the Field of Education and Augmented Reality. American Biographical Institute.


ASME. American Society Mechanical Engineering (2011- currently)
ASEE. American Society Engineering Education (2010 – currently)

UXPA. User Experience Professionals Association. (2017- currently)