Collaboration: UNSA (Peru)

AtRAe Group in Collaboration with UNSA (Universidad Nacional de San Agustin – Arequipa (PERU): New paper will be published in Building Journal » Introducing Interactive Immersive Virtual Reality in the Initial Phases of the Architectural Design Process». Buildings 2022 .

For more two years we are working together in order to launch a new line or research in UNSA. We get a productive work:

  • (2022). Spatial Skills Training Through Drawing Architectural Spaces Inside Immersive Virtual Reality. In Perspectives and Trends in Education and Technology (pp. 383-393). Springer, Singapore.
  • (2021). Introduction of the IVR in the Initial Phases of the Ephemeral Space Design by Students of the First Year of Architecture». In 15th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics, IMSCI 2021(pp. 23-28).
  • (2021). Perceived Sensations in Architectural Spaces through Immersive Virtual Reality. VITRUVIO-International Journal of Architectural Technology and Sustainability6(2), 70-81.
  • (2021). The Drawing and Perception of Architectural Spaces through Immersive Virtual Reality. Sustainability 2021, 13, 6223. [Q2]
  • (2021). Spatial Skills and Perceptions of Space: Representing 2D Drawings as 3D Drawings inside Immersive Virtual Reality. Appl. Sci. 202111, 1475. [Q2].
  • (2020). International Comparative Pilot Study of Spatial Skill Development in Engineering Students through Autonomous Augmented Reality-Based TrainingSymmetry;202012, 1401 pp.1-20 [Q2].